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Rally pass includes a neck strap, a safety guide and a sticker for your car. Rally pass price - EUR 25,00.

Special offer at the official internet store!

Purchase 3 rally passes, and receive the 4th for free. Set of 4 rally passes for a price of 3 - EUR 75,00.



Tickets available at the entrace of the special stages, price - EUR 12,00.



Liepāja, Liepāja Olympic Centre, Brīvības iela 39, Liepāja

Liepāja, Liepāja Region Tourism Information Office, Rožu laukums 5/6, Liepāja

Kuldīga, Kuldīga Tourism Information Centre, Baznīcas iela 5, Kuldīga

Talsi, Talsi Region Tourism Information Centre, Lielā iela 19/21, Talsi

Saldus, Saldus Tourism Information Centre, Striķu ielā 3 (entrance from Kalpaka laukuma), Saldus

Rīga, karting hall Ātruma Cilts, Sergeja Eizenšteina iela 2, Rīga

Rīga, Kalnciema kvartāla Vīnu veikals, Kalnciema iela 35, Rīga

Internet, official internet store of Rally Liepāja



Please be aware that all the purchased rally passes will be valid also for the re-scheduled running of Rally Liepāja on September 16-18.


Please be informed, that it will not be possible to acquire a rally pass at the entrance of the special stage. Please purchase your rally pass before leaving to enjoy the first special stage!



For the possibility to acquire Rally Liepāja VIP entrance pass, please send e-mail to



Entrance free of charge is for children (under 10 years of age) and disabled persons (valid identification card required).

Retired persons will receive 10% discount, upon purchasing rally pass at Tourism Information Centres and showing valid identification card. Each retired person can purchase one rally pass.



Please remember to keep the receipt!

Rally pass is valid only with neck strap and hologramm!



SIA “RA EVENTS”, 41203049203, (organiser) is the only representative in Latvia which, according to the licence/agreement, can organise a FIA European Rally Championship round in Latvia (event) from September 16 to 18, 2016. Below, the event rules for all attendees are listed.

Buying a ticket and being at the place where event is held (with a valid wristband) is an acknowledgement that the attendee has read, and agreed with, these rules. PDF version of the rules available HERE.


1.1. Attendees must keep their rally passes, along with a proof of purchase, with them at all times. Damaged or counterfeit tickets and proofs of purchase are not valid, and cannot be returned to the organiser.

1.2. Tickets cannot be exchanged or returned. In case the event is cancelled, payment for the tickets is returned after showing a proof of purchase.

1.3. In order to protect yourselves from buying counterfeit tickets, please buy them only in the locations specified by the organiser.

1.4. Attendees present during the event must have a valid ticket with a hologram, a lanyard, and a wristband. These will be checked when entering a spectator area.

1.5. The organiser has authority to verify the authenticity of an attendee’s ticket, lanyard and wristband at any time in the spectator area or upon an attendee leaving it.

1.6. Copying and/or illegally duplicating the tickets, as well as selling them to third parties, is strictly forbidden, and is a criminal offense. All risk associated with these actions will be borne by the person in possession of a counterfeit ticket.

1.7. If a ticket, hologram, lanyard or wristband are deemed to be invalid or damaged, the attendee must leave the spectator area immediately.

1.8. Organiser will contact law enforcement about any person who distributes or tries to use a counterfeit ticket for entry into the event. All risk associated with these actions will be borne by the person in possession of a counterfeit ticket.

1.9. It is strictly forbidden to give your ticket and/or wristband to another person.

1.10. Organiser does not bear any responsibility for unused tickets, and these will not be refunded.


2.1. People with disabilities can attend the event free of charge. Upon entering the spectator area, the person with a disability must show a valid disability certificate. If a person does not have such a document, the organiser has a right to not let this person attend the event free of charge.

2.2. Retirees from Latvia will receive a 10% discount on a single ticket if it is bought in one of the Tourism information centres, and a valid retiree certificate is shown upon purchase.

2.3. Children up to (and including) 10 years of age can attend the event free of charge.

2.4. At the entrance to a spectator area, it will be necessary to show a valid document stating the age of the child.


3.1. Entrance in the spectator areas is possible only with a valid ticket. When entering the event, each attendee will receive a wristband that needs to be put around the wrist in a way that it is impossible to take off without tearing it.

3.2. This wristband must be around the wrist of an attendee throughout the event, on both days.

3.3. Organiser has the right to check these wristbands at the entrance and exit of spectator areas, as well as inside them. The attendee must have the wristband, and it cannot be damaged, opened, or given to another person.

3.4. An attendee without a wristband will have to leave the spectator area immediately, and, depending on the circumstances, a decision will be made regarding involving law enforcement. If damaged, opened and other invalid wristbands are found, the organiser has a right to expel an attendee in possession of such a wristband from the spectator area, while confiscating the damaged wristband, as well as to get in touch with law enforcement regarding this person. A decision on whether a wristband is damaged is made by the organiser, or an appointed person, based on a visual inspection of it, compared to a valid wristband.


4.1. By being present in the event, an attendee agrees that he/she can be filmed and/or photographed during the event, and videos or photos that include the attendee can be used for commercial, including advertising, purposes without any payment or copyrights issues.

4.2. Attendee agrees that, in order to provide a safe environment for everyone, he/she can be asked to show valid documentation/tickets and can be subject to a bag check.

4.3. Organiser has a right to change the event programme without prior warning.

4.4. Organiser bears no responsibility on the quality of the foods, drinks or any merchandise sold in the spectator areas. Full responsibility of the quality of these aforementioned products is borne by the particular service or goods provider.

4.5. Organiser bears no responsibility about any possible checks or work done by governmental institutions during the event.

4.6. Sale of alcoholic beverages in spectator areas is in accordance with the Latvian “Alkoholisko dzērienu aprites likums” (Law of alcoholic beverage circulation), which states that it is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages to persons younger than 18 years of age, and it is illegal for these persons to buy such beverages. In order to verify the age of a person, a retailer must ask for a valid ID. For persons aged 18 to 25, it is necessary to show a valid ID when buying an alcoholic beverage regardless of a retailer asking for it.

4.7. All children must be supervised by adults (either parents or guardians). Parents or guardians are responsible for their underage children and their safety.

4.8. Children and teenagers up to (and including) 16 years of age must be supervised by adults between 22:00 and 08:00. Organiser bears no responsibility of the safety of children if they do not obey these rules and/or are not being supervised by an adult.

4.9. Attendees must also respect any rules not written in this document, which have been given out by the organiser before or during the event.


5.1. It is strictly forbidden to use the event, its website or tickets in any advertising, marketing campaigns, giveaways, lotteries, contests, and/or other activities without consent from the organiser.

5.2. Any action that can create a false impression of a collaboration with the organiser is forbidden.

5.3. If the use of tickets is found to have been used in advertising, marketing campaigns, giveaways, lotteries, contests and/or other activities without consent from the organiser, a fine of 3000 EUR (three thousand euro) must be paid to the organiser for each such instance.

5.4. Sales of goods or services, marketing or advertising activities and/or other activities with the objective to benefit or popularize a good and/or service at the event are only allowed with consent from the organiser.

5.5. Any commercial activity at the event is strictly forbidden without a written consent from the organiser.

5.6. If unauthorized commercial activities, marketing or advertising activities and/or other activities are found during the event, the transgressor must pay a fine of 3000 EUR (three thousand euro) to the organiser for each such instance, and the organiser has a right to expel the transgressor from the event and confiscate the products used as part of the activities.

5.7. In case of transgressions to rules regarding tickets, and especially in case of such transgressions, the transgressor, in addition to the aforementioned fine, will be responsible for any losses incurred by the organiser due to these actions, up to and including the loss of the organising licence or other losses that have been caused by this transgression.


6.1. Attendees must treat the environment with care. Organisers ask to place any trash in the specified areas or trashcans.

6.2. Organisers also ask attendees to respect the properties of local homeowners, by which the special stages go.

6.3. Attendees do not have rights to walk through plantations and crops. Please always respect “aizliegts pārvietoties” / “no passing zone” signs.

6.4. Always clean your area when leaving!

6.5. Preserve, not pollute, the nature!

7.    SAFETY

7.1. Motorsports can be dangerous! Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions, accidents can happen. Please be aware that you are spectating at your own risk, and have to evaluate whether you are safe at the chosen spectating place.

7.2. Organiser or an appointed person has the right to not let in or expel attendees from the spectators area, if the behaviour of an attendee interferes or could interfere with other attendees and/or the organiser, and/or the safety and well-being of the competitors, or in cases when an attendee does not follow these rules or directions from the organiser.

7.3. Attendees can be searched at the entrance as a safety precaution.

7.4. It is strictly forbidden to enter spectator areas with weapons, explosives, drugs and/or alcohol. If any of the aforementioned items are found with an attendee, the organiser or an appointed person has the right to confiscate these items and expel the attendee from the event.

7.5. It is strictly forbidden to use, sell, keep or bring drugs into spectator areas.

7.6. Attendees must care for their safety and well-being when in the service park and attending the event.

7.7. Children and teens up to (and including) 12 years of age can only enter the service park with an adult.

7.8. Organiser does not bear any responsibility about injuries sustained by attendees during the event.

7.9. Organiser does not bear any responsibility about damaged, lost or stolen personal belongings.

7.10. Attendees must follow the directions given by the organiser and their appointed persons, including the safety and security teams.


8.1. Please park your car so that it is not in the way of other attendees and organisers who might need to pass by.

8.2. Please always follow the directions given by the organiser’s safety personnel, and never park your car in front of an Evacuation Road.

8.3. Organiser does not bear any responsibility about cars that are parked near or within a spectator area.

8.4. Organiser does not bear any responsibility about cars, and goods left in these cars, as well as the cars that have been parked on an Evacuation Road.


Event / competition – Rally Liepāja;

Event territory – rally special stages (a ticket is needed for attendance); service park; opening / awards ceremony;

Ticket – rally ticket (with a valid hologram on it), a wristband and a lanyard;

Attendees – persons who are present in the event with valid tickets.