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Rally Liepāja winners to be decided on a city stage around the Great Amber concert hall

January 15, 2016

First round of the 2016 FIA European Rally Championship, Rally Liepāja, will consist of 13 stages, covering a total of 207 stage kilometres, and will take place on the Liepāja and Kuldīga region roads. The rally will conclude with a city stage in the centre of Liepāja, at footsteps of its newest culture symbol – the Great Amber concert hall.

- concert hall Great Amber ©LIEPAJA.LV

Rally Liepāja will begin on Friday, February 5, with the qualifying stage, starting position selection for the top 15 crews and the ceremonial start. The first six stages of the 2016 FIA European Rally Championship will take place on Saturday, February 6, on the Kuldīga region roads, with the day containing not only the longest stage of the rally (SS3/4 Neste Oil at 25.14 km), but also a stage taking part in the twilight – SS6 Kuldīga 2, set to begin at 16:15. The event will continue on Sunday, February 7, when the best European drivers will compete on the roads of Liepāja region. There will be seven stages, one of which will take place on legendary roads of Vecpils – “golden fund” of Latvian rally. To determine the winner, the crews will return to Liepāja and compete on the final city stage around the Great Amber concert hall. After finishing the racing part of the event, drivers and spectators are welcome to the Great Amber for the awards ceremony.

“For the last few years, we have been working together with the city council to make it possible for the fastest European drivers to compete not only on the Liepāja region roads, but in the city as well. A few months ago, the construction of the Great Amber concert hall was finished, so I am especially proud that we will be able to bring the winter rally into the city this year. The most important stage of the rally – the final one – will take place around the Great Amber concert hall and, via Eurosport media group, will be shine on millions of TV screens around the world!” Rally Liepāja organiser, RA EVENTS director Raimonds Strokšs.

Rally Liepāja special stages:

No.          Name                           Distance           Start time

QS           Qualification stage          4,57km              February 5, at 15:15

SS1         Kuldīga 1                         9,78km              February 6, at 9:30

SS2         Castrol Edge 1                21,68km            February 6, at 10:05

SS3         Neste Oil 1                      25,14km            February 6, at 10:40

SS4         Neste Oil 2                      25,14km            February 6, at 14:40

SS5         Castrol Edge 2                21,68km            February 6, at 15:30

SS6         Kuldīga 2                         9,78km              February 6, at 16:15

SS7 1                        11,33km            February 7, at 9:30

SS8         Liepāja Iedvesmo 1         12,32km            February 7, at 10:00

SS9         NPK Expert                     23,05km            February 7, at 10:30

SS10 2                        11,33km            February 7, at 13:35

SS11        Liepāja Iedvesmo 2         12,32km            February 7, at 14:05

SS12       Blue Shock Race            23,05km            February 7, at 14:35

SS13       Great Amber                   1,15km              February 7, at 16:30